Why Blog?

You may be asking yourself who is Chris Gardiner and why bother reading about what he thinks about art? Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you, nor will I take the time to think of a good excuse. What I can tell you, is why I decided to start blogging.

I have loved one form of art or another all my life and have played around with all of them. Photography is such an investment though, so I think once you are into that you don't stop. Hopefully I don't anyways! I pay my bills however working in restaurant and hotel kitchens, and have been doing so for the last 7 years now. Since I started in Kitchens, I always looked at food as art also.

Both Culinary Arts and Photography or Visual Art need a good balance to the way your brain works. (I am no doctor but I am saying this from my very own, totally unprofessional, point of view) So they say depending on the dominant side of your brain - you either use information more creatively, or use your information to form a logical structure.

With food or photography you want your end product to be a creative mix of flavours that form one seamless dish (like colors form an image). In order to get to your envisioned finished product you will likely need to follow a set of logical steps however. So even with the most revolutionary finished product trapped inside your noggin, you can produce something barely worth eating or looking at if you do not first think how to get there.

That is sort of like what this blog is for me. A place to organize together my creative finished product along with the steps, tips or tricks I used to get there. Free for anyone to read, should they find it useful. Not to mention, I am sure to include a few extras here and there. You know - some reviews (books, restaurants, gear), photography tips, recipes, and little culinary tips.