Get More Views on Your Virtual Tours : For Realtors

Real estate agents - if you're paying for high quality video walkthrough tours - I would think that it only makes sense to want to get the absolute most eyes on them as is possible. Especially when you can convey so much more about the property, and your brand in a single short video than you can with a set of photos. With that in mind, I see a few ways of posting real estate virtual tours to the board that I can't fully wrap my head around.

Here are two behaviours that if you're doing now, a simple change makes a world of difference;
1. You're posting a link to a website, like your own domain page version of the listing in the multimedia field.

2. You're using vimeo or something other than YouTube to host your videos.

Here's why; 1. The popular website "", you know the website that has every listing as a database, that many if not all modern home buyers use as a foundation of their searching? Yes, that one, they actually build in functionali…

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