How To : Do Floor Plans for Real Estate

Being able to prepare floor plans for real estate agents is a really good skill to know. It could really open up some new avenues for work whether you're already in some sort of real estate marketing work or if you're looking for a new side hustle. I made a short-ish video explaining the overall process and I will include some extra details here.

Extra Information About Making Floor PlansSomeone was an early commenter in a place where I shared this video amongst real estate photographers, and suggested I wasn't clear about what to do with the laser. Well. Read your instructions, but, for my laser the rear end of it is to be butted up against a wall, and pointed perpendicular towards opposing wall and read the number off the screen. Then I draw a line across the sketch in the same open space with a length attached to that line with similarly placed endpoints - denoted with arrows. I export the svg from sweet home 3d software as I show. Then I open that svg - a vector graph…

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