Recent Work : Architectural Renderings

a modern home that looks like a regular photo but has 3d rendered exterior cladding that looks photo-realistic.
a partially 3D rendered version of the home to show it's finished appearance.

3D Rendering abilities are now more accessible than ever. The more accessible something becomes, the more creative uses will be found for it.  I believe this was a pretty creative use for real estate, and not an ordinary extent one would go to for a real estate listing. Read on to see some more angles and the before/after.

Why 3D Rendering

We did this because the house is ready to list. The exterior cladding however is incomplete. Without curb appeal, you lose out on eyes looking at the rest of the home's selling points. So curb appeal really is important. Also, it's not in any way misleading because this is how the house will close in transaction. The vendor is actually giving the new buyer choice on color of the cladding.

There are a lot of homes in this price point that would be competing for the same buyer as this and my job is to help Collingwood area realtors equip themselves best for the effective marketing of any home, and out of the box thinking like this can be exactly what will get something noticed!

How to 3D Render

Rendering architecture is easy and at the same time isn't easy.  It's easy because the shapes you model and match are generally not organic forms, they have right angles and 45s instead of something that would be better described by a bezier curve.  From a 3D modelling and matching perspective this is easier of two options.
In this case, made even easier because the property is way more than half-completed in a real photo. We have structure, roof, shingles, windows with reflections, surrounding landscape, ambient lighting, all finished. All that leaves us to do is match the camera to 3D camera (the hardest part really), model the cladding to match builder plans, and then render that and composite then match lighting. 

It might sound like a lot, but it's really not too bad.  

I created a few angles to show the cladding on front and back. I like my ground angle here better because I got more direct light onto the house at that time, which projected harder shadows. Harder shadows are easier to copy onto my rendering in a realistic fashion. And doing anything in a realistic fashion is a good approach to quality composite work. If you want to know what I'm talking about, the clearest representation of what I'm talking about would be the camera-right support column holding up the lower roof of the house projecting a shadow onto the charcoal siding behind it.  That shadow was there in real world and so it being there in my rendering is crucial to it's success

Normally soft shadows are great or shooting your subject in shade (back of house view) is a great idea, but when you're matching a render to real world, it's hard to mimic the microcontrasts that exist in all the materials in the world around us. 

a drone view of a house in winter season with appearance of a regular photo but the exterior cladding is applied digitally.
a drone view of a new build luxury home with rendering exterior cladding.

before and after composite view of a 3d rendered cladding applied to a real estate photo.
a side by side comparison showing the original photo and the rendered version with cladding.

the home as an unaltered photograph without the 3d rendered elements applied.
the base photo of the home as photographed without cladding.

back view of the house with 3d rendered exterior cladding on the back
rear view of the home in shade, with the rendered cladding composited on.

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