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Blog on, blog off.  

3D printed stick protection for my DJI drone controller

Lots has been happening in the world over the last year which translated to not a lot of time in keeping my web spaces up to date. And the blog here in particular has been especially neglected. 


Here’s an update to show you a spot where I am at in the world. 3D printing has been the latest addition and complement to my 3d design related skill set. 

It may not seem like it yet but I fully believe 3D printing will change the world in ways we (or at least I) can’t fully grasp yet. 

I spent some time printing photos of my work in the past and for whatever naive reason I expected similarly simplified approach to “printing” however there is so much more to consider. 

Temperatures, speeds, measurements, tolerances, equipment you must maintain and build yourself sometimes plus enough critical options in a print dialog to make your head spin.  mine did. At the same time when I had that Ender 3 v2 arrive on my doorstep in the mail, it was really a “grand canyon” type moment. And what I mean by that is that the full gravity of what is before you doesn’t set in until it’s right before your eyes. 

Here are a few examples of some prints. They’re not so spectacular as a picturesque mountain scene as an art print but dialing in your settings for a successful print can be a thing of beauty in its own rite, for those in the know. 

I’ve made:
Paw patrol stamp for fondant cake - my sons favourite and it was his birthday! 
Jurassic park stamp for play dough so the other son wasn’t left out. 
A few part designs for a personal work project. 
Print in place - pieces that move, and function - often the most difficult. I haven’t fully succeeded at any of these yet. 
And some utility pieces - things that may be available at the local hardware store in packs of thirty but I only want one. 
Lots of mistakes. Get used to it when you set out along this 3d printing journey!

Thanks for the read through if you made it this far. 
Thinking to make the blog here somewhere to share long thoughts.  YouTube will be the spot for more thought out tutorials I deliver, and my other spaces like fb and insta - will see what becomes of them. 

Happy new year! 

By the way: you can find my paw patrol design in thingiverse free for download! 
Here is my thingiverse link; 

tags for my home network ethernet cables. And an easy step into the two color printing. manually swapped.

paw patrol stamp and the fondant it cut for a birthday cake.

printing in action on the ender 3 v2

jurassic park dino stamp for the other kid who wanted a stamp too

micro fuse holder for an electronics project I'm working on.

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