Web Design

Okay, so maybe 'web design' doesn't always fall into art the way I would like to try and focus this blog.. but I write about what I do - most of which is art, but I wont let it stop me from writing about web design.

So whats goin on? Just been spending lots of time revamping the whole website experience. Which really is an ongoing, and neverending (in the forseeable future) battle.  Read more if you are interested about my 'website philosophies'.

I have had a few web design jobs as a freelance designer lately.  Naturally, if I desire to keep this up, I should begin to showcase myself. Now a new portion of my website dedicated to web design. It has been online maybe 2 weeks now, and since it has gone up, haven't really been too happy with it. It didn't flow, it didn't look like one single flowing web interaction - more like several jittery ones.

So just finished uploading the new one. Some people warn against frames, but I recently discovered the usefullness of 'inline frames'. I like the way they can keep certain types of websites clutter free, and loading only the information that needs to be loaded.   Why would I not use frames? Well they make indexing for search engines much more difficult. Also when someone is sent to a page which should appear within a frame - their viewing experience will likely be far off from what it should be. Try clicking here and see how it looks, now click here to see it as it should appear.

I would now say that the web design aspect has been refined a little. Enough anyways for me to not feel so bad about leaving it online for the public, like all my webspaces though, will require perpetual updating. Next up will be the graphic design portion of my website where I aim to focus on photo restoration, graphic retouching, menu/logo/printed media design, and illustration. So I am sure there will be more about that on the way...