Another Tool for the Trade

In an older post I talked about getting photos to your clients via CD and DVD copies.  Although this may still be the choice for large projects involving gigabytes of information, today's racing technology has some great new tools to save time, and money!

To me this is like a breakthrough. One thing I've had trouble with is waiting for people to finally come and collect their photos. Which can be challenging in itself when we may have two conflicting schedules.  The good folks over at dropbox have a very user friendly approach to sharing files.

Straight from my desktop, I can drag and drop files that my client has requested, to a specific folder. Share that folder with my client via an email invitation.  And when they have logged into our shared dropbox folder, they can download the files. presto. done.  No stops by the post office, requesting mailing addresses, or resending lost CDs.  The files on the dropbox server will be available until they are removed, so even if they lose their first downloaded copy, there is another master copy waiting.

You start off with something like 2.5gb free space, but every time you share a folder with a brand new dropbox user, you get another free 250mb of space!  There you have it. Short and sweet. Check out dropbox, it will definitely save some headaches when it comes to delivering the product you worked so hard on.  I should thank Eric Neff over at the Shine a Light Photography Blog for pointing out this great tool to me.

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