Sneak Peak: Adobe Unblur Filter

Do you or someone you know take pretty rough pictures - pretty often?  Well in our future of modern technology, there may be a solution for you! I stumbled upon a post today about Adobe's "MAX 2011" convention where they showed a potential filter which may one day be in future versions of their Photoshop program.

There is a youtube video accompanying this post, from user Peter Elst's Channel.  Click the 'read more' link.

We have all done it if we take pictures.  I know myself, I rarely intend to take a shaken-blurry photo and when I do, I usually won't display it. That can all change with these photoshop filters demonstrated in the video. Taking a motion blurred photograph and then computing a vector that the camera moved on during the course of the capture... and then reversing that motion, to form a unblurred image, seemingly photographed with a steady hand.  Crazy.

And then the restoration of a lo-res, blurred, internet display image to clarity?  This would translate into some sort of ultra-crispifier, for your large resolution photos.  I think it stops being a 'sharpen' process once you start 'creating' and interpolating the detail which should be there. Like taking wilted lettuce and making it crisp.

 Just listen to how excited all these Adobe spectators got. Can you imagine how excited you'll be when the shots from your vacation that didn't turn out are good again!  Does that mean we should all stop deleting the photo's we'd normally consider garbage? I still will - since a) who knows when it comes out b) i can't afford photoshop, even the guy on youtube with 1million views can't afford photoshop.  c) I'm a photographer, and I like to be hone my skills at using a camera in the traditional style.  To allow yourself to be alright with shooting would-be failures of images, only to correct them afterwards seems counter-productitve, and possibly outside the realm of photography. As many things are being questioned to be these days.

Proactive > reactive. 

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