Return From the Road Trip

From California Condors  to scenic destinations like Antelope Canyon, the road-trip is over and we have safely returned to Kelowna.
Just a little background info for everything we accomplished on the trip.  Including distance travelled, some GPS locations to awesome campsites and most-used camera equipment.

From door to door, we went April 19th starting in Lake Louise and arriving at home in Kelowna almost exactly one month later. Along the way we camped in 15 different campgrounds and visited more than twenty national and state parks and forests, all by travelling over 10,000kms on four wheels, a bunch on two, and countless kilometers of trails on two feet.
What do non-stop weeks of being outdoors for 24 hours get you, across such a huge distance? Over 8,000 photos, 400 high definition video clips and countless hours of photo-editing of +100GB of digital data. Not to mention one awesome story.

Although it will take some time to share the full picture, I plan to start immediately and already have a large selection of photos being shared at the Facebook link below, as well as there is a completely different collection available for purchase in a variety of hardcopy options at affordable prices!

Loads more on the way, like GPS coordinates I recorded at every single campground with a paired google map, and some of the great information I already forgot but luckily recorded in a handwritten journal of the trip.

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