Travellers Out There?

Of course there are, everyone travels once in a while! I've been shown a great resource for those on the move. It's called "" or Air-b-n-b, a resource of bed and breakfasts located near and far in over 26,000 cities across 192 countries - pretty extensive coverage if you ask me.

Not only does it give you listings, prices, and enough photos to feel like you're walking through the bed and breakfast - but you can also communicate with the hosts directly and see their calendar of availability built right into the website.  You can find a wide variety of prices and styles of accommodation depending on the websites popularity in the area you are visiting.

How did I get mixed up with this? Well I received an email which said they found me via flickr and would like me to photograph listings in the area I live, choosing my workload from as much or as little as I choose. I like the sound of it, contract looks goods - why not do it?

In the short few months I've been photographing for airbnb, I've had the opportunity to meet some very personable and friendly hosts, with some very characteristic locations. You can find all of the listings I've photographed so far in this link.  Just for fun take a look at airbnb for a city you'll be visiting soon, or a city you're living in now for when family visits next, it might surprise you.

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