Files VS. Prints

I've had this professional photo printer in my office for over a year now and it's started to change the modus operandi of C Gardiner Photography in a big way.

Well, first thing everyone says about owning your own printer is that its not cheap, and it isn't, but neither is having your work printed through an outside party, and not only they are rarely convenient or seem to work on the timeline you are on.  Whereas with your own printer, that is one major selling point.

I filled up a portfolio of 80 views in a few hours just the other day, choosing photos from a collection of my favourites over the years, but still choosing as I went. While one was printing, I was choosing the next.

One of my favourite aspects, is being able to offer my clients high quality prints with their photoshoots in some cases instead of digital files, or in addition to.  To be honest, I would much rather give someone an 8.5"x11" than a digital file with equal dimensions.
Well although it may seem to cost more initially to give away free prints when you can email someone a bunch of ones and zeroes. I would rather have a calculable loss, being that of a print, than having a high quality digital file in the hands of someone without respect for it's creator, which could potentially cost much more.

With photoshoots I currently offer, I allow hi-res files to be exchanged for 8.5"x11" prints, and vice versa at the client's choice.

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