Busy Week on the Web

Well, if you saw my last post, you will know that I recently had some troubles with a bunch of broken links of my blog. All (or almost all) of which I fixed, to the best of my knowledge.
After I pounded through that in about 8 hours straight, I realized my website needed some serious work since I had been getting inquiries from potential clients, with outdated information and pricing.
So a few days later, I have fully updated my website. It's been cut down quite a bit to make just the pertinent information available, there is also a new and more in-depth quote form, which will help you as a client get the first email to me started, with the information I need first.

Look for some updates on the website, and back to a little more blogging with my time since the website uses much less verbiage now, I'll bring it all over here.

Thanks for reading!
check the new site : www.cgardiner.ca

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