Where do you come from?

About to crack 1,000 ! 
That is a screen shot from just before breaking the 1,000 mark earlier this week - so I thought I'd take a moment to share a thing or two about what Facebook tells me about my fans!  And this could be a learning experience for anyone who is not familiar with the data that every business page owner gets from its fan base! Read more by clicking the link below.

Where my fans visit from!
Just one of the 'insights' Facebook provides to it's page owners. You can see majority of my fans come from Kelowna, BC, no surprise because thats where I live. As for the cities, I have lived in close proximity to the first few of them over the last 5 years, so no surprise either.

Insights can also be used to find out what those fans you have really enjoy seeing and sharing, based on what has historically gotten the most attention on your wall. I'll save that for another post.

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