Switching Teams: Canon / Nikon

If you go back a few years in posts here, you may have come up to one titled Canon vs. Nikon or something to that extent where I may have talked about how they are in direct competition and generally everyone goes with one or the other.  Now it is a slightly different title "Canon / Nikon" or Canon over Nikon, because that is what I really will be telling people now.

Read a little further to see the little big reason why;

Realistically, they are both so similar that I used to tell people it didn't matter what they went with. Now, its a different story. If you want to get into video, cinema, and all that fun stuff, your best bet is a Canon. Even a bunch of the die-hard Nikon'ers are making a switch to Canon just to remain competitive across the playing field including the video.

Not to mention that Canon now has a solid contender to the Nikon CLS system I was at one point so envious of, but the 600RT's are really awesome, which I've been working with intimately over the last year and a bit.

I am looking at upgrading my body very soon, and of course will be sticking with Canon, and of course - long overdue, will be upgrading to a full-frame sensor camera. The exact model I am still undecided, but I know it's going to be awesome!

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