The Canon G15 : Review

iPod Photo from @cgardinerphoto instagram
If you have been around my Facebook page over the last little while you may have noticed a piece of news which I found particularly exciting; that is the new Canon Powershot G15 camera I purchased in March.

It's feature loaded in both still and video recording modes.  A few of my favourite features are manual control of video focus and exposure, RAW still photo capture at twelve megapixels at ISOs as low as 80 and high into the 1000s. One feature that wasn't advertised but was awesome to find is the high speed capture at 120 and 240fps in low resolution video shooting modes.

Read on to see some photos made with the G15 and more of what I think about it!

iPod Photo - Overkill with the 600EX-RT on there? but it can do it!

Despite the feature loaded package the best part of this new camera is its size. It fits in the jacket or pants pocket of whatever I usually happen to be wearing. This means that I will never have an excuse to not have a camera by my side. This in my opinion is among he most desirable traits in a camera - the ability to bring it anywhere.

iPod Photo - there's even been a new GoPro added since this photo.
Having had a few months with it now - has really allowed me to become instinctual with it. I can lock focus for video, lock exposure for video, it's allowed me to try some new macro angles that I would have never been able to be ready for with my DSLR and extension tube setup, and keeps things speedy!  I've even used it for quick photoshoots, like in the studio with small products to get some great bokeh effects!  All in all, I would challenge most to go through my facebook page since March and pick out the ones that came from my G15 over my DSLR! Good Luck!

Here's a few of my early favourites! 

literally first photo I took with it.

Top of Knox for a first little walk/hike with it.

The challenging inside of a restaurant kitchen lighting - tackled!

Sugar Beach in Toronto

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