Shark in a Fishbowl

Where it will all happen.

It's not a new concept ; a fish, no matter how big it is destined to be, will remain the size of the container it lives in, without outgrowing it. Goldfish in small bowls stay small, goldfish in big bowls get bigger.
That's all well and good, but no one comes here for zoology lessons. How it relates to me is;  I feel like I have a great white's appetite for work, but up until just recently, was stuck in a tiny little gold fish sized bowl of an office.

Up until recently.

Where it all used to happen.... buh-bye!

I just expanded and now have a full room in a new place that is dedicated to housing my photography related gear.  Doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is - to me anyways.

At the old place, light stands, and supports were stashed in my bedroom, like the router and the network drive used to be, while lighting modifiers were on the other side of the living room  office. Everything else was crammed into tiny little spaces in and around my desk, including ink, papers, lenses, filed paperwork, schedules, strobes, calendars, cameras, computers, monitors, speakers, keyboards, tablets, batteries and chargers, boxes of retired camera gear, and printed portfolios (just to give you an idea).

This can be bad for anyone's workflow for two reasons;

1. When accessing your stuff becomes problematic, or annoying, how often do you think you will be using it?
2. Being a visual person, there was plenty of distraction, and overstimulation.  Taking my focus from the task at hand, to the s**t around me in my field of view.

At this new office, I have a lot of my camera gear in the closet, (a well lit closet at that!) With all sorts of paper and organizational stuff at arms reach (about where the TV watching couch was at the old place) - and a giant workstation at my back, where I can stage tabletop studios, and the current home of my two printers.

A well lit gear closet, still being set up.
Progress is made up of a bunch of individual steps in the right direction. 

Although things like my lighting, composition, editing, policies and prices may change over time, my desire to work towards constant progression hasn't.
all photos from my iPhone

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