A trip to "the Island"

A beautiful walkway in Cathedral Grove

That's what we call it in this part of the country anyways. That is the beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia. After as many years as I have spent out west, I only just made my first trip to The Island in August 2013.  That's fine - it was worth the wait.

What did we do, what shouldn't you miss? Find out from this photographer's point of view!

There's quite a bit to see and I think I could make another post with the photos I got from this place, so I'll keep it to short form points of key information for now. 

Firstly, we made the drive all the way from Kelowna in one day - something our friends said is probably too much, but wasn't too bad at all. We're great driving companions though.  Most of the time spent was in the 'Ukee/Tofino' area, but we could easily return to see more!
Actually my first ferry ride! (iPod Photo)
-No wait for the ferry, we departed Kelowna with a ferry time in mind and made it despite traffic. 

Ellis Creek viewpoint
-Drove to Ucluelet where we had friends to meet that were camping.  Ideal situation, since there weren't really any campsites available for August long weekend. 

-Despite a fire ban in the entire rest of British Columbia, Uclulet and Tofino are in 'fog zones' so fires were permitted at that time, thanks to the piss-poor visibility. 

Coastal Rainforest Walkways
-We arrived in what the locals call 'Fogust' so we cherished the sun when we saw it. Coastal Fog is fun to shoot too (for photographers, not for sightseers maybe - lol) 

-Bring a long lens with you, you will see bald eagles and other large avians. 

Trails upon trails 
-Don't expect anything to dry - instead it will only get wetter, including everything in your tent. 
Getting down in the dirt at Cathedral Grove
-Find information from tide tables if you plan to do any coastal explorations. 
A beautiful walkway through coastal rainforest. (iPod Photo)
-Enjoy and respect the land!  Create loads of photos!
The campsite we shared with our close friends who moved home from Kelowna to Hamilton, Ontario after this trip. (iPod Photo)
-Eat fresh seafood, from just about anywhere. 

The view at the windy front of the ferry. (iPod Photo)

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