Blog Along the Way

Isn't technology cool?  Thanks to what is not even the latest technology, I can take a free moment wherever I am to jot down a quick idea for a blog when it comes to my mind.  Take for instance, the bulk of this post is being written while I am out capturing a time-lapse at the lakeshore. Not the one with the GoPro pictured above, but it very well could have been with that iPhone photo and this iPhone post.

I liked the idea of blogging, but always found it hard to set aside the time for it when I was already feeling a time crunch from all of the work on my plate, it would be easy to let the writing take a backseat.

So when each frame of my time lapse is going for twenty seconds and you only have one tripod and camera to use, with literally nothing else you could be doing, blogging where you are at can be pretty handy.

If you have a blog of your own, I suggest getting it from the app store!  I even had it on my iPod before I had an iPhone with the 3G or LTE or whatever data transmission you use.

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