The Calendars Have Arrived for 2014!

2014 Kelowna Calendars - A fresh Design by Chris Gardiner Photography
 Decided to get on it a little earlier this year than I did last.  They've been online for a few weeks now available on demand, and I got my shipment of 50+ of two different designs. I'm talking about the 2014 Calendars I designed!   The same original collection I put together last year is available for the new year with the same great scenes across Canada, and I made another, this one focused on Kelowna.

You can buy them online for about $25 USD plus shipping for either design, I'll include the links at the end of this post.  If you have the distinct luxury of living in our area or able to travel to Kelowna, you can also deal directly with us, and pay the same great price, but save the shipping fees! That's right, get a copy from myself or Steph for the same price it is online at only $25! scratch that - we decided to make it an even better deal in person and are making them only $20 each! But hurry up because supplies wont last!! (edited November 9, 2013)

Read more for the links and more pictures;

If you are in Kelowna and want to get a copy from us, please email or
The zazzle links are after the pictures

The Original design from 2013 back for 2014

Closeup on Kelowna Calendars
If you are in any way curious about the build quality, they are extremely thick paper, and well bound with wire - not plastic - so it wont snap or crack on you over the year. Every page is full of colour and will greet you with a beautiful new scene every month of the year.

Putting these together is a big task, and I'm a little busy to be binding pages, cutting perfectly and printing the numbers on calendars so I am extremely proud to offer my design by Zazzle's handiwork.  Every time I have ordered one of their products, It has been exactly as I was expecting if not better, and anytime it's not up to par, they have a no satisfaction guarantee.

Links to the two designs are here>>

Kelowna Design 2014 Calendar :

Across Canada 2014 Calendar :

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