Get Some Early Christmas Shopping Done

Okanagan Themed Prints by CGardiner

This goes to the Okanagan Readers Especially, but if anyone is looking for some great Christmas Gifts that pack well, and are truly unique, you might want to take a look at some of the product I have to offer.  It's what I was left with from my display at Kelowna's Crafter Market after I stopped going for the season.
Earlier this week I filled an order of 20 prints and mattes as a stockpile of gifts for someone who frequented my stall at the market, and I realized, I should offer this to everyone!
Read on for some more info;
The two main sizes of mattes (more available)

4x6 Prints Display in an 8x10 matte, a very standard frame size,
8x10 Prints display in an 11x14 matte, also a pretty standard frame size!

What images are offered? Check for something from the Okanagan, or check any of my webspaces for anything else you'd like printed.

Priced super affordably at only $6 for the small guys and $25 for the larger, go for two of the bigger size and I'll take $10 off for two for $40!  This is a limited time pricing while supplies last!

They are flat, and when packed properly, pretty durable, so they make great gifts for those who are flying to see family for the Christmas Holidays.

Contact me today, as you can see I have lots to offer.

Okanagan Themed Images

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