Higher Frequency

Heron in Mission Creek - September 23, 2013
Maybe it's the new place pushing my productivity to new levels, but as you can see I am posting with some higher frequency now, not to mention focusing a lot more of my time into photography almost completely leaving my day job for quite some time now - I guess it's been since summer has ended!

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If all goes to plan, I'll take the two posts a week I've been doing for the last two months, and boost it up even more to be a reliable post a day scenario.  I've been so busy with shooting lately. and I feel like I am giving my photos to faceless companies when uploading through facebook. Instagram is only a convenient part of my social photo sharing when it comes to my mobile photos - my DSLR ones not so much.

What else has the sort of daily convenience you can expect from what I was using? Blogger it is! Google+ is a valid option for some, but although starting on it, I've not given it any time over the last year at all.

So you can look forward to coming here when you want to see a few of my most recent photos, and some of the words I care to share along with it.  Expect the change soon!

about the lead photo; Out for a quick walk after moving to the new place, had the camera and tripod already out when we spotted him. He was so motionless I tried a bunch of shots with him like this in the f/20 area to smooth out the flowing water while I knew he was holding still enough to be sharp.  Having a tripod with me was crucial for this effect. After I captured him here, we crossed to the other side of the creek and photographed him from that side as well. 

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