Picture of the Day : Big White Panorama

We have gotten ski season underway here in the Okanagan and much of British Columbia. This is a panorama stitched together exactly where I shot it from on my iPhone. 

That was the view near the end of the day once after the morning fog cleared.  I am considering integrating this image into my out of office email reply... Haha, just kidding, I have 3G on the mountain, so it's like I'm never out of the office. 
Why the iPhone photo? Well to be honest, it was too good of a day to not share anything from it. And I wanted to fully enjoy the day, without being 'bogged down' with a camera around my neck or bag on my back, so I opted for a GoPro3 Black, and my iPhone on this day.

Hope you all enjoy your winter out there, and I'll be bringing home some real shots of the scenic Okanagan winter soon!  Here are a few more pictures from the first day up. You can also find my post from a couple days ago about the GoPro Hero3 and some screen captures of that!
from @CGardinerPhoto Instagram on opening day

From @CGardinerPhoto Instagram on Opening Day

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