Picture of the Day : Cathy

Cathy in the Autumn by Chris Gardiner Photography
Sharing another picture of the day! This scenic portrait is of a good friend of mine who has always been happy to fill in as a model from my early portrait days all the way to now.

This was from a quick shoot we planned during my October trip to Ontario.  Want to know how I took the photo?

Here it is;

ISO 500
Canon EOS 50D
Canon EF 24-105 f/4L  @ 45mm

I did the process for color and contrast in adobe lightroom - for which I am a strong advocate, but since I've been toying in photoshop for a lot of commercial work lately, I imported this one in too.
I was shooting full wide for my lens, but still not enough background blur for the shallow distance I had between model and her background... So I went ahead and did a little selective blurring and that was it!
Hope you enjoyed!

Until next time!

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