Is It Winter Yet?

Picture of the Day showing big white ski resort near sunrise hours on a blue sky day with a fresh coating of powder snow, by Chris Gardiner Photography,
Snow Covered Trees at Big White Ski Resort
What are the conditions like where you are? Here in the Okanagan were lucky enough to get an early open two weeks ahead!! Plus -- this weekend is the day of the Big White Winter Rally! If all goes well, you will see some of my photos from the event.

My favorite thing about photographing in the winter is how the snow can throw a totally different twist on a scene, and the way it manipulates the light - imagine having a big white reflector everywhere - can get pretty cool for portraits!

At the same time, the temperatures make it cold, which makes batteries short lived, the daylight doesn't last long - sometimes only 7-8 hours per day, and it's often hard to get people outside when they aren't winter people.

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