Picture of the Day : Photographing my Neighbours

A bald eagle in a tree captured by Chris Gardiner Photography www.cgardiner.ca
A bald eagle close to it's home, conveniently close to my home

Creeping. Not what this post is about. Haha - sorry if that let's you down, but I have a different type of new neighbour.

As you may have read in an older post with a summer recap - the office of Chris Gardiner Photography has moved - with it - I've got new neighbours.  A pair of bald eagles that have a nest less than a block from where I live. With that kind of guarantee of wildlife sighting, I've thought about investing in my 500mm lens finally.

There's a few more after the link,

Once the leaves fall, it makes them and their nests much easier to spot, to which I owe much of my success in spotting them. We have one of the highest concentrations of birds of prey here in the Okanagan but there is also loads of seldom-explored terrain for them to hide in.

Capturing wildlife photos is a little bit like hunting for real, its as much about stalking, as it is aiming and capturing at the right moment.   For a few tips on capturing your own wildlife photos ; I like to boost my ISO when necessary, I want fast shutter speeds to freeze any motion they may make, from taking flight from a tree, to a simple turn of the head. 1/1000sec or better, especially when you are shooting fully racked out with a zoom, a small vibration can destroy a lot of pixels. Don't chance it, just boost the ISO. Unless there is loads of extra light kicking around, I'll leave my aperture pretty open, maybe a stop or two tighter than full wide - your depth of field will be a little shallower, so it puts more pressure on nailing focus, but it gives you a little extra shutter speed, and when executed well, a nice separation from the background.

You can also take a look at this post, where I used the bald eagles in the tree to demonstrate a challenging situation for your camera's autofocus.
A bald eagle soars out of its perch, and I happened to be there to catch it www.cgardiner.ca Chris Gardiner Photography Kelowna Okanagan
A bald eagle soars out of it's perch in the trees.

A bald eagle in a tree captured by Chris Gardiner Photography www.cgardiner.ca Kelowna Okanagan Bird of Prey
A challenging focus situation, as I talked about in a previous post.

A scene out of Hitchcock's "The Birds" gathered in numbers

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