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To be successful with a small business and especially as a freelancer, one has to become available. That's why you can find my listing on Google Maps now.  I know for myself, a lot of times when I look to do business with someone new, I consult Google Maps for who is in my area - without having one of those little drop pins associated with your business, you wont show up.  That's some crucial exposure being lost!
Here's the link to : Chris Gardiner Photography's Google Place

If you have ever done any business with me in any capacity over the years, I would invite you now to please leave a realistic and honest review on my business listing!

Anyways, thanks for reading, and leaving a review - even if it's just that you learned something from reading a post here or there, that would be great! And if you need it, here's the link again!

Chris Gardiner Photography's Google Place

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