Time Lapse Demo Reel

Near the end of 2013 I went ahead and compiled a little time-lapse demo reel.  Time lapse is one of the forms of video I've been shooting since shortly after I got my first DSLR in 2007.  I had many challenges back then, most of which stemmed from not having the right equipment.  With a few years of practice later, I've decided to compile a short video.  Timelapses can be otherwise hard to share one-at-a-time so you'll often see photographers and videographers make compilations with their work as I did here.
Majority of the locations are Okanagan, and almost entirely British Columbia.

Read on for a little more information about making time lapses.

Hope you enjoy, when you really think about it - it's two and a half minutes of real time to watch, but it took an immeasurable amount more. Majority of my timelapses take at least 300 images, and sometimes upward of 1200. Not only is it a lot of storage for photos, but to actually process a time lapse is very taxing on your computer.  It wasn't until I upgraded to my MacPro desktop that I could reliably put them together without fail (on the computer's end anyways).

So a few things to remember when making a time lapse;

-a tripod to keep the camera still, or special equipment to make it move at a controlled rate. without this, epic fail 9/10 times.

-remember your exposure will change over time, how will your camera show this?

-consider your aspect ratio and how it differs from your camera's.

-you can deal with varying exposure in different ways, but white balance needs to be on lock, and balance from photo to photo.

-consider your timelines before you start. how long will the change take. how many images do you want in that time? what interval is best? what sort of motion are you dealing with?

I'm looking forward to putting lots more together, which I'll hopefully be able to share in a year end demo-reel for 2014!


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