Word of Mouth

In this day and age, easier than any other before, the actions you take have real value. Every single thing you do online is monetized on somebody's behalf.  Whether its a Facebook page like, or sharing a post, it all helps someone somewhere with their work. I am now asking for your help with that on my behalf.
So if you want to help me support myself with my passion for digital imagery and help more people to find me and my work, please continue to read this article.

If I have worked for you or with you in the past, I would like to invite you to write an honest review of me and my services that you feel would help others in the future decide if I am the right person for their project.

So where would I like these reviews? Well I'll keep it nice and simple and give you links directly to pages.  I know that not everyone is on Google+ and not everyone is on LinkedIn so you can just take your pick. Every honest comment is truly appreciated, so here are the choices for you!

Your quick sentence, paragraph, endorsement, or star rating will have a lasting impact on my web presence and search rankings. So thanks again,

- Chris Gardiner

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