4K UHD Video from a Cell Phone?

So if you've seen a recent post of mine about a new phone I just got, this is a little companion to that.  That one was all photos, this one.. well its all video as the title would suggest.
Just wanted to share a little look at some of the UHD footage I can capture now, as easily as I can pull a cell phone out of my pocket.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm quite taken with this new little cell phone I've gotten. And I understand there is a Samsung Galaxy S6 out now (I Think) so I can only imagine.  I've never been one to hop straight onto a bandwagon for the latest technology - I like to wait for bugs and kinks to get worked out and prices to drop slightly, so this is as cutting edge as I tend to get. haha.

Three videos for you to see - two of the same sunset, which serves as a decent low light test and demonstration of the dynamic range the UHD video captures.   The other is a slider shot of (way overcooked) bacon for breakfast. I may have gotten distracted by making video and let all the bacon get crispy instead of just Steph's half. haha.

If you haven't already, maybe you should take a look at the photos that come off this little phone too, from the post before this one, or you can follow this link. 

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