Photo of the Day : Ski Resort Monochrome

This is a black and white photo at Blue Mountain in Collingwood Ontario from the chairlift looking straight into the sun with high contrast silhouettes and shadows of the chairlift and the terrain captured by Chris Gardiner
Just nice light at Blue Mountain Ski Resort, Collingwood, Ontario
Almost two years it has been since I was snowboarding last.  So this was my first day out in the 2014-2016 Snowboarding Season. We were riding Blue Mountain Ski Resort just outside of Collingwood Ontario with scenic views overlooking beautiful Georgian Bay of the Great Lakes.
Read on for a bit more about the photo..

It was our first time in two years, and first time in Ontario since we moved away from British Columbia. So it was a nice leisurely day out and a good place to hop back on a board after an extended hiatus.  Good thing it's just like riding a bike.

This is the view up a lift in the mid afternoon when the sun was positioned straight down the lift line almost which I really liked the look of.  It was a sunny and warm Monday in February with conditions which were more reminiscent of late March in the Rockies - fun and easy.

I shot this photo on my point and shoot Canon Power Shot G15 - sometimes I ride with my DSLR on the chest, but sometimes I like to feel a little more agile and that's when I bring out the G15 - first day out in a few years is good to make it easier on yourself than harder.

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