Oh, Facebook...

Truth is, facebook is great. I would never have reached so many people with my photos had I been without the great social networking tool that is facebook.  It has gotten to the point where almost every small business has its own facebook business page, and some even pay people to keep them updated.

Recently however, they have diminished their usefulness to a large cross section of the people who use it. Particularly visual artists. Consider a photographer like myself who keeps a steady flow of new images to facebook pages.  I like to know what interests people and what they like most, but without being notified of photo comments or likes, I have no idea which images are a hit unless I check them frequently to see if they get noticed. Now take into account that there is already probably a meager 400 photos on my "C Gardiner Photography" page, to check through past work to see what people like or have to say about it, is just too much trouble. That page is just going on a year old, imagine when there are twice that many photos!

On the plus side, facebook has given their business pages a free face-lift. There is a wide variety of data, called 'insights', that will now give the page owner information on its demographics, impressions, and growth trends. Is it worth the trade-off? Well, I don't like to think of it as a trade-off. I am optimistic 'they' will eventually see the importance of this removed feature, and hopefully bring it back.

I will continue to use facebook as always since it works as a reliable image hosting service.  Where do you think the digital images from this blog are originally posted? facebook albums!   So in closing, I apologize for any comments I appear to ignore on my facebook business page.

There is a group acting as a petition to bring back photo comments. Please visit their link here, and hopefully comments will be returned to facebook one day.