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Be Prepared! Maybe it's just because I was in cub scouts as a kid, but I like to be prepared, especially when its for my own business I operate.  Here is how I arrive prepared for real estate photography. Take a look at my camera gear bag in this short video. Looking for other recent photos and short clips? Visit instagram check out my instagram accounts @cgardinerphoto and @aerialmedia_gardiner for the very latest of what I find interesting. You can watch more videos too Everything from real estate tours, how-to walkthroughs, photography gear reviews, software demos, and more. Visit my youtube channels to see the latest Chris Gardiner Photography in Collingwood on YouTube Display Ads Help Support This Blog. Thank You for Understanding! See More There are even more places to see the my work online. For Collingwood locals, where Chris Gardiner Photography now also calls home, we've started the Photograph Collingwood Blog , a destination online to highlight the bea

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