More Virtual Renovations

Welcome!  Today we're showcasing some virtual renovations. 

I know now that I've posted about this as one of my last few posts, so it may appear as though I do a lot more of this than I actually do because of that - but really, I just think its an exciting use of technology and I'm happy to share. 

Here are a few works, a real bare bones kind of property, ripe for the making into whatever you can imagine.  First we show the original photo, and then the second is what a staged and renovated space may look like. 

Again, these are staged in blender 3d software, using some asset libraries - as is much of the 3d work I do. 

Virtual staging and renovations can serve purposes in a variety of sectors - 
  1. interior design - we can effectively showcase close to realistic lighting setups, material choices, floor plans, or furniture arrangements.
  2. wedding event sales - showing couples, in a real photo, how their table set up and table arrangements may appear on their special day.
  3. Real Estate - all the stats point toward staged houses sell faster and for more money. The validity or precision of which I can't be certain, but the principle makes sense so I'll tout it ;) 
Skills with 3d design will be of a continually increasing demand, so start building those skills now!  Blender is certainly the free-est of the 3d software, but it's also some of the most full-functioning out there as well, along with a huge youtube library of tutorials, and inspiration to draw from.

Here are some of the recent virtual renovations completed this month. 

Thanks for stopping by and please enjoy these before and afters! 

original photo of a bare bones living space
virtually renovated living space with completed materials, trim and furnishings

bare bones view of a kitchen 
potential renovation inspiration for the same bare bones kitchen view above.
a bare bones bedroom space
a beautified bedroom showcasing the potential

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