Art Sales Coming to Kelowna

The sale of my scenic and artistic prints is something I have been trying to do for a long time. Although selling intermittently, it is nothing to support myself on.

It started with flipping through the archives and stumbling upon my forgotten beauties, like those from trips in Banff, Yoho, Revelstoke, Ontario and other locations across Canada. There have been loads of them hitting the storefront lately.  Which is now available on my facebook business page, directly underneath my profile photo under the title "Prints and Posters".

Only thing is, people don't often plan to buy prints.  As you would do if you were ordering off the internet. It is something that you need to see 'in the flesh' and if it strikes you a certain way, you feel the need to purchase it.

There are currently six poster prints on the way,  ordered from, ranging in size from 24"x12" to 38"x25". Four different images since some have been guaranteed sales even before ordering, hence a couple of 'doubles' arriving.

If all goes according to plan - I should be able to sell off all of these, and be able to reinvest in several more prints, and repeat the process.

So if you have the luxury of being able to connect with me in person, in the Kelowna area - please speak to me about some prints for home or office.  All of the images featured in this post are among the ones arriving soon in printed form.

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