Detailed Demographics

Lets talk about some demographics I have been paying attention to, whilst trying to figure out what appeals to my facebook fans. A definite bonus to facebook is the ability to grab detailed demographics based on each individual profile who connects with your page. Since everyone who uses it is signed in, you can get more detailed info on a per person basis, than regular website analytics.

Take for instance demographics for my C Gardiner Photography page. A little surprising to me is that nearly 60% of my viewers are female and 51% of the total are women aged 18-35. 

What else do I see? Well I am most popular in Canada, and then a very distant second is Australia. nearly tied with the USA. Top cities all make sense to me, as I have lived in, or very close to all of them over the last  4 years alone.
What other data do you get from facebook insights? Well I can see which days my page got more attention than others. Take for instance in the second figure. I can see that whatever I ended up posting on February 12th got a bunch of comments and 'likes' on images or other posts.

If you go back to my last post of 2010, the Year in Review. You will see how facebook insights differ from Google's Analytics version of 'insights'.
 Where else does the data come in handy?  Well lets look at the third and final figure. Maybe most disturbing fact for me. It says that over the last month, I have had nearly 1,800 active visitors to my facebook page.  And for the pages lifetime I have only 646 fans. That means (and assuming all 646 fans visited during the month - and so can be subtracted from the 1,800) that means that nearly 1,100 visitors checked out my page , yet didn't find it necessary to become a fan. You will never win them all of course, but 1,100 visitors is actually a very big amount of people for me to be missing the support from.

How will I use it? Well the way I read the data it says 'not there yet - keep tryin harder' so that's what I'll do.   If you want to help me in this quest of mine, use the discussion boards on my facebook page and reply in any of the threads I have posted there.

So if you are a small business owner using a personal page for your business on facebook - definitely make the switch to a proper business page and reap the benefits of knowing who is actively taking an interest in what you have to say.

(UPDATE: NOVEMBER 2012 : Since writing this, my image links have become broken, and google has changed its analytic interface, however it still provides the same if not more data, and I still recommend using it!  Thank you - I am working on fixing all the broken images this month)

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