Land of Opportunity!

I'd call Kelowna the land of opportunity for me so far. You gotta reach out and grab it when you see it!   I am going to have a great opportunity to work with the Center of Gravity tour in Kelowna this year doing mainly the action photos at some of sports events - I am hoping.
I started working towards my media pass this year as early as anyone could have started to be honest.  I can remember getting the e-mail ball rolling within a week of them posting the date for this year's tour.

Without pestering, I just provided a solid, logical and fact based reason why I should be there this year in every e-mail I sent, and media pass - check!  I chose to shoot mainly the sports events. The one's that I could easily work out the usage of a wireless flash, and sports not regularly available to my for shooting on a just about any other occasion.
The event is not only sports, some top musical performances will certainly be hitting the stage.  Sure you could meet celebrities shooting performances.  I've not shot enough musical performances So my shooting time at something like that would be far less productive than shooting time for something I know how to shoot - well... oh and then there is the bikini competition - but who wants to photograph things like that anyway? ;)

What do I know about sport photography? Check out this post from December and decide for yourself.

 It was so important to get the pass for me this year since I applied too late last year and got rejected.  Without a media pass you can't bring a camera through gates to the event. Just the thought of watching live sports to me, without a camera is almost unbearable so I barely attended the event in 2010.  Check out the official video from last year's event, and get to the Center of Gravity on facebook.

Hope to see you there, and for all readers outside Kelowna, I'll be sure to get some solid viewing material up for you!

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