Ever been to the top of a mountain?

Ever been to the top of a mountain before? Well if you said no, don't worry - I can help you get there from wherever you are, regardless of your climbing abilities - using virtual reality!
I fooled around once with 'images' but sorta more like 'videos' of this style before. They were nothing worth sharing with my valued fans of course. Following is something actually half decent, and one of the only full 360 degree sets of images I have taken.  It comes from the top of a place called Mount Fairview. A largest mountain that is closest to the shores of scenic Lake Louise.

I am still working out how to adjust the aspect ratio / display properties for my QTVR files.  I also plan to post more on the process, but first, the goods:
By clicking down inside the image area and dragging, you will be able to choose what you are looking at. This is around 8pm in July 2005.  The images came from my point and shoot camera at the time, so it just goes to show, its not what you got but how you use it. 

One thing is for sure, now that I have a solid workflow I can use to approach these, you can expect to see a lot more from me. Whether they be composed from images in the archive, or shot from this point on, with the technique in mind.

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