NEWS: Posters and Prints

 New word in the Poster and print world of Chris Gardiner Photography.

Firstly, for a limited time only,  I got a sale going for prints on demand! Definitely check them out!  Of course there is always new photos being added to the collection too. Not to mention almost anything you have ever seen of mine, can be made available for printing on demand, with shipping to your doorstep!

Get this print (without all the wording of course)

Also, a massive overhaul I did to 90% of the photos available on demand was remove the original watermarking on there.  For the plain text style, it was a little more prominent than it should have been, and so have placed much smaller signatures on everything, or completely removed any watermarking at all!
Get this print without the text!
Please check out the print on demand gallery!

Regarding photoshoots and people local to Kelowna, no more need to outsource prints.  I have a professional quality Epson printer on the way that should massively increase my offerings! More about that soon!

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