Wedding Shooting With Willow

Well if you remember my post from April about Friendly Link Sharing with Willow, I finally have some photos from the Wedding I worked as her second shooter for.  

What did I do? Well Willow and I had communicated pretty well before hand what I would be doing at certain points of the day. With that proper communication, Willow ensured that at no point were we shooting two similar images at any one time.

How? Well there were a few ways. Take for instance, we didn't start off our photo coverage in the same place.   I would be working with the groomsmen during their preparations until the ceremony, while Willow would spend the morning with the bridal party.

Also, just in the way of framing and compositional basics - if I saw she was shooting long, I would do my best to shoot wide without being in her frame of course. Or vice versa.   During the ceremony we stayed in complete different locations. She was working from close, while I was in a raised balcony above shooting long.  And when it came time to do some formals, one crucial step is telling the group whose lens to look at.

After a while we branched out, as the bride and groom would regularly get some of themselves alone. During that time, I got to hang out with the rest of the party and get creative with some group posing.  Which I feel is always a challenge for me and usually gets me a bit nervous even.

I'm not sure, but it may have been Willow's first time with a second shooter, and it was definitely my first time as the second shooter. I am certain we both felt the positive effects of collaboration.  Like I already mentioned, Willow got more angles, which means more choice for the bride.

And for me,  I got to shoot a wedding for my portfolio, paid for my days work, and did no leg work in the organization or locking down a large wedding deal like this one.  Not to mention,  any of the final editing in the photos that would be seen by the newlyweds. Cuts the workload in half really.  I got paid hourly for my photo work, which normally some photogs may look at you with a funny face for doing. My reasoning: I wouldn't even be there and shooting, if it wasn't for another photographer setting it up and locking it down, and deciding to hire me.

So, check out my album from the day on my facebook page or straight through this link.

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