Center of Gravity in Kelowna!

Well if you remember my post from wayyy earlier this year about Kelowna and the Center of Gravity,  the time has finally come.   So what has happened after the second night of musical performances, and one full day of sporting events?  So much, about 1,800 frames actually.  Luckily, I dropped down to JPEG only for the weekend's events, otherwise I'd have a serious storage issue on my hands (as of about 6 hours ago).

Covering a massive, multi-sport, multi-day event with musical performances to boot; is unlike anything I have ever done before.   I only just got home, slightly toasted and a little dried out from a long day running around in the hot Okanagan sun.  I'd love to share some photos already, but with 1800 already, its a little tough to do a number of the steps involved with posting photos from any given shoot.  Not to mention, with my media pass, I am required to post them with the COG logo, which will also slow down my habitual workflow.

So, what to expect from me? Well, I've seen both of Classified's performances, Dev and the Cataracts, Small Town DJs, and that is just the musical performances. Sports photos from today cover everything from wakeboard winch jams, beach volleyball, bmx'ing, break dancing, skateboarding, freestyle mountain biking, freestyle motocross (sick air!!), and some crazy flatland tricks on motorbikes too.

Just a quick post to keep you in the loop, and let you know there is lots more on the way.  Time to get a couple photos online before the end of the night.

Till tomorrow, when I'll fill you in on the final day's events.

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