Friendly Link Sharing: Eric Frigon

With Eric's launch of his first webpage this week, it's time to share his link and hopefully get him some exposure.  Eric Frigon is an old room mate of mine from Lake Louise, still rockin' it out, unlike myself.  Luckily I can still maintain a connection to the area through Eric's photos.

One thing is for sure, in Lake Louise you get about 8 months of winter, and you can find snow just about all year round in the area, especially if you are an avid mountaineer like Mr. Skigon, we call him.  It's not easy to compose an awesome frame in blistering cold.

It was the same way I got heavy into the photography; making these great journeys in the beautiful protected wilderness of the National Park, And the only way to convey the energy you get from these excursions to others is by capturing the magnitude of your environment in a photo.  Although, there was a joke I remember during my time in Lake Louise, where if you claimed to have bagged a peak, but had no photo at the summit to show, how would anyone believe you? 

If you read the other post about my new printer, this would be the man who convinced me to make that brilliant purchase.  So needless to say, if you ever made a visit to Banff or Lake Louise, but failed to leave with that shot to print for your home, use Eric's convenient print order form and select from his entire portfolio. 

You can find his page here: Visual Art from the Canadian Rockies by Eric Frigon.

Best of Luck Eric!
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