In-House Printing!

Exciting new addition to the already super-small and super-cramped Gardiner Photo office -- A hulking beast of an Epson Professional Photo Printer!  I miss having the desk space, but I love being able to print on a whim.  I let my friend talk me into buying this printer, after I heard his rave reviews about it for nearly a year now.  So what does it mean now that I have a pro photo printer at my disposal?

Prints for everyone! Just about every shoot I will book from here on out, will have archival quality prints included in the package, with a variety of sizes and options to suit your needs. You can even create your own free-form packages.  Sizes top out at 13"x19", but I will print at any (standard or non-standard) size smaller than that.  Please check the Printing Page on my website for more details regarding package pricing.

I've also began filling up my hardcopy portfolios, which have sat empty for nearly a year now since I realized how much they would cost to fill, even while printing at somewhere like Wal-Mart (yuk!).   Eric Frigon, the same friend who convinced me into buying this printer said it best, but it went something like this;  "whats the point of being a photographer, if only to see your pictures on a 13" screen all the time?"  And he was right - I love to see my prints in a tangible form.

We are so accustomed to seeing CG graphics on screens, and ultra realistic digital renderings, etc, that a solid photo can easily blend into a crowd when its only viewed on a lcd screen. Try printing that same photo to 13"x19" or even larger, and that same photo will get some serious stopping power.

Having received my shipment of three backups for all six cartridges, I really can let the ink flow like wine.  Which by the way, depending on your ink, is ounce for ounce more expensive than Dom Perignon.

In closing, photographers who don't already - start printing your work!  (be careful though, its addictive)

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