NEWS: RE: Website

Well, been a busy bee over here lately. Not all of it fun stuff either.  Got a little website updating finished, and some much needed paperwork completed.

Wanna see whats new?

Well, paperwork was the not-so-fun stuff I was talking about.  Among some of my own office organization and filing of paperwork, I also created a few new forms to aid in conducting work and my professionalism.
  • Contracts - Starting August 2011, any new jobs will require a signed contract before any work is started.
  • Privacy Statement - Every website needs a privacy statement. Mine was pretty easy, since no e-commerce, or personal data is really collected through   Although it was my first time writing one, so it may need some updates.  Rest assured everyone - I will protect your privacy!
  • Pricing Schedule - How can people price your work, and make an accurate decision whether or not to hire you, if they don't know what you cost? Well I have made a pricing schedule available in my website's paperwork and documents section which will help you to accurately price my services.  But don't forget to find out about any deals or discounts I may be offering for that month!
The other updating was mainly aesthetics, or operational flaws I found, in things like link colors not being consistent, cutting down on the verbiage - there's a lot on my site, I mean, just look how much I write here!

I always appreciate any and all comments regarding my work, website, or anything else.  So, till the next update.......

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