4 Things You Shouldn't Do

Four things you shouldn't do when getting your picture taken. Everyone is going to get their picture taken professionally at least a few times throughout their life. Some sessions will allow your photographer to work on a more direct and personal level. Like during a shoot at your home you may hire a freelancer who will come to photograph you and only you, opposed to some sort of school, workplace or team 'picture day' where one photog will shoot many many people throughout the day.
The points I'll go over are more specifically aimed to get the most out of your shoot.

  1. Don't cover your eyes.  The viewer of a picture, in this case - your portraits will connect via the eyes first. There is a whole connection lost without it. Keep hair, hats and sunglasses from blocking your eyes. 
  2. Don't stress out.  You're not a professional model, so don't worry about a little nervousness you may have in front of the camera. A good photographer will always anticipate your nervousness and do their best to keep you comfortable, but it's never a good reason to cancel a shoot just because you are 'not sure'. 
  3. Don't be afraid to be honest with your photog.  They may be a complete stranger initially, but a good photographer will have you comfortable and relaxed in no time. Tell them anything you have to, that would pertain to how much you will  like these pictures of yourself - and it's often those things you would rarely tell a stranger.  Things like "my nose looks too big in photos"or  "can you see the bags under my eyes"  - because there is always a better way to up or down play any number of human features opposed to plans for 'photoshopping it'. You will have to say something before they start though, or photoshop will be the only option. 
  4. Don't focus too much on your 'apparel' like some magazines would have you think is the only crucial factor to good photos.  Pick something genuinely you (and clean if nothing else).  Portraits are about capturing the essence of your character. Although a portion may come show through in your attire, the lions share will come from your expression, pose and connection to the photographer. 
Are these the most important four things to remember for a photoshoot? Nope.  The most important things usually become common sense after a while, and why write about common sense.  I tried to choose four points that may not be so commonly sensical since they are more likely to help.  

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