Local Restaurant Food Photography

Hungry? Well if you weren't - you will be after this post.

I had the opportunity to do some food and beverage photography this week, which for me is always a treat.  Coming from a restaurant background, 'foodography' is what happens when my two professional worlds collide.

Does it give me an added bonus? I like to think so. Not only do I know what needs to be done as a photographer to have the food look its best, but I also know from the chef's standpoint, what should be represented, the focal point, and even how to get it styled on the plate.  Hit the link to see the goods.

I'll keep this post short and sweet so you can focus on finding your next meal after you've checked the pics out.  One thing I do have to say is for anyone about to make a jump into 'foodography';

Treat the dish in front of you like it was a person who's portrait you are shooting. The benefits of this model is they sit still, although, food expires much faster than people. To get it looking it's best, shoot it quickly. Otherwise, you'll get sweating, congelation, and drying edges just to name a few. Oh and ps. All the food I shoot is always the real deal - 100% edible, and it will taste like the dish it is advertising.

Light food like it was a person, show off leading edges and curvaceous bodies, light it for texture and contrast to create a mood with which you would associate the food.  There will be more images on the way, so find my Flickr Page or Facebook Page to see them when they show up.

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