New to the Blackberry World!

Do you BBM? Here I am!

Well this post is about two weeks overdue, but maybe that's because I've been trying to figure out having a great time using my new blackberry!
Maybe it's not designed to play games like apple devices are, but I have already felt the benefits of its task-managing and organizational abilities. Not to mention, the idea of BBM, or free messaging to other people on blackberry's is pretty cool.  Apparently that feature along with text and email hasn't been working for some lately - as I'm sure everyone saw on Facebook by now.  My phone worked seamlessly throughout this apparent 'catastrophe' it was made out to be.
My question is - did we not all check our emails on computers in the first place, maybe in the 'stone ages' now? When did everything become so ridiculously rushed that you need your email beamed from space to a piece of metal on your hip, instantly as you receive it, all day long?

Which brings me to my next point - I have an iPod touch, and now a Blackberry, so my new, mobile friendly, and flash-disabled version of Chris Gardiner Photography is undergoing rigorous testing with both platforms.  From a design perspective, I had a much easier time creating something that was going to work and react on a blackberry the way I wanted it to.  Apple's iOS was going to require some javascripting, which was more than I wanted my site to require. Its a photography site, designed for a mobile device. Best practices would say keep the file sizes minimum so it runs fast.  Expect to hear from me when it has been finalized.

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