Ontario Bound!

Christmas is coming around, and with it - a special offer from me!
From December 21st, 2011 until January 3rd, 2011 I will be available for select portrait sessions in the Southern Ontario Region. Obviously, some days will be out of the question, like Christmas eve and Day, and New Years Eve and Day, but other than that, I will do my best to accommodate at a few clients.

Update: Spots are actually filling up quite quickly and may have only one or two more. 

What's the offer - why is it filling up so fast? Well, I'm not often in Ontario, so those who recognize that fact are possibly jumping on the opportunity.  And even if I did live in ontario, it would still be a great deal.
When was the last time a photographer offered to photograph you in your neighbourhood, or even inside you home, and then give you the proofs for the entire shoot to redeem your print credits on, any way you please?
That's what I am doing - Only two hundred dollars will get my undivided attention on you and your family or partner for two hours, and $75 in print credits! You can redeem print credits for any combination of digital files and photographic prints directly from my studio!
Check out my family gallery with flash enabled for more examples of the photos I can provide for you. Or if you are browsing from a mobile device, my newly launched (and still beta testing) mobile friendly website with family galleries! (Which will definitely not display properly on a desktop or laptop computer)

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Hit the link below for more info about what print credits can get you.

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