Overhaul the Pricing Scheme!

Well here it is; after much deliberation since I got my printer in July, I figured out how to best incorporate my new abilities into a pricing scheme. Two months later, I'm finally rolling it out, and in time for the Christmas Portrait season. This is the post you will want to check out if you have any questions about receiving your finished products from a photoshoot.

What does it all mean? Well, simply put - when I am lining up a photoshoot, instead of listing of x,y, and z amounts of web resolution, prints and high resolution photos that will be transferred to my client after a photoshoot - I will simply include a set amount of print credits which would get you a similar amount of finished products, but in this form - you can spend your print credits as you choose. Some on e-mail resolutions, some printed, and maybe a few favourites in high resolution to print again and give to friends for years to come.
Some other convenient features of the new system include;

  • All art prints (that is prints you would like to hang in your home/office, but are not of you or a photoshoot you commissioned) sized larger than 8x10 will include a signed Certificate of Authenticity. 
  • File sizes are measured for prints at 300dpi. For each shoot ordering files for printing, you will also receive a digital 'permission slip' which you should also request to have printed @ 4"x6" at your local Black's, Shoppers, or Wal-Mart photo lab. It should take care of any concerns that photo labs may have, preventing you from receiving your prints. 
  • Whatever you don't order with your shoot will still be available to order later, whenever you are ready, whether you want to add on more prints or more files. 
  • Prints are from a professional quality epson printer at 300dpi on acid free archival paper with Epson Claria Hi Definition Ink, which is smudge and water resistant.
The conversion rate for CAD to Credits will be $1CAD : 1Cr. Although the benefit of credits over dollars is that you can buy credits and hold on to them when they may be periodically 'on sale' and then decide on what you want to print later, while still taking advantage of the 'credit sale value'. 

  • Print @ 4"x6" : 4Cr.
  • Print @ 5"x7" : 7Cr.
  • Print @ 8"x10" : 14Cr.
  • Print @ 8.5"x11" : 15Cr.
  • Print @ 13"x19" : 40Cr.
  • File Web/Display Res : 5Cr.
  • File 8.5"x11" : 25Cr
  • File 13"x19" or  Larger : 50Cr
In order to purchase print credits they should be paid with paypal or through interac email transfer if your bank supports it.  Look for updates around the Chris Gardiner Photography Website rolling out the new purchasing system.

It says Read More >> still? what else could there be.......

For the first two weeks ; until October 23, 2011 credits will be available for only $.80 each! Means a 20% discount right off the hop! So even if you don't know which print you want yet, get the credits now at a great rate and then take you time choosing the perfect print for that bare wall in your home. 

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