Final Cut vs iMovie

I've been working my way into the capture and editing of video lately, and recently made a long awaited decision to upgrade to pro video editing software.  It took a while to drop the cash on Final Cut Pro X, which compared to other pro-video editing software, is actually pretty cheap.
-Definitely a great decision, I can tell already-
How does iMovie stack up against Final Cut Pro?
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Well I am less than a week into Final Cut Pro but from the functionality I have found already, it far surpasses iMovie, and I felt like I used every available ounce of features in iMovie by the end our time together.

I have a few favorite features so far;
  • FCPX's video exposure editing is like being able to edit a bunch of photos shot in raw, compared to editing in iMovie which would be like editing their JPEG counterparts. Makes a lot of video useable that I didn't think had much use. 
  • Clip Synchronization, is something I have only just started to meddle with. Basically when it comes to pro video, you don't typically get pro audio in the same package, so you need to synchronize your pro audio capture to your pro video capture. This would be a pain if not impossible (I tried) in iMovie, but in FCPX it's a snap, almost literally. I believe the multi-camera angle editing works on the same principle. I have not played with that yet. 
  • Library Structure. FCPX accesses my entire video library from where it lies, as in if it is spread across multiple hard disks, it accesses each disk for each clip as required. I prefer this to iMovie's method of duplicating all the enormous video data I have just to keep it in a library.  Now I can maintain a larger library, all accessible by keyword, without duplicating all of my original files, or moving them to other hard drives. 
  • Intuitive controls, very finely tunable controls, like a dedicated split at playhead cursor, dedicated trimming cursors, and visual retiming to speed clips up without leaving the storyline. 
 So there you have it, and linked above is probably the last movie I will ever edit using iMovie. I'll let you know when the first FCPX clips start coming out, maybe this winter, or from the upcoming wedding season in springtime.  

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