You've Been Sent Here for Questioning

Promotional Infographic for Monthly Free Print Giveaway
We have a few questions for you... actually, you were probably pointed here more likely because you have a few questions. Questions more specifically, about entering a sweet giveaway for a free print sent anywhere in the world, every month, which I will be running from my Facebook page.

What will it take? Well I'll try to make it a little different every month to keep things interesting, so stay posted for the details for this current month. But all you have to do is share a post.  Very Important >> As much as I would like it to, your vote won't count if its not shared publicly on your own Facebook wall. Why? Well, unless we are already buddies, like 'fb friends' who can see each other's walls, information on your wall is kept private from my page which is sort of like a public entity. So make sure your contest entry is set to  'public' on your wall by clicking the two little people icon beside the time that post was shared and make it the world icon for public. (see image below for help!)

How will you know which posts are eligible? If they have a link straight to here - thats a good sign, they will also have a little watermark change up mentioning their eligibility as a contest entry. Hit the link below to see the where the winner's circle will go, as well as the images that they requested as a print. Hit the link after the image below for even more info, about how winner is chosen, previous winners, etc!

Thanks again!
You should see something similar when making sure a post is public for your entry. 

How is the winner chosen?

As the selected contest photos become shared publicly, c gardiner photography will get notifications. as they come in, they will be written down - in the order they come in. Near the end of the month, each name will be given a  number based on its chronological order of sharing time.
Random number generator will choose a number in the range of number of eligible entries.
The winner will be contacted immediately, via Facebook. If they remain unresponsive for a period of seven days, their prize is forfeited and a second winner may be chosen, or two may be awarded the following month.



remember to look for the watermark
top centre, different from everything
else that is bottom centre! 
DECEMBER 2012's Free Print  won by:  Barbara S.  out of  21 shares .

 JANUARY 2013's Free Print  won by:  Your Name  out of  X shares .

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