Packing your Carry-On

When you start getting work that requires some degree of air travel, you need to sort out a little bit of packing logistics to get everything you need there, and in one piece.

This is  a list of what I brought along to a Wedding in Ontario, from British Columbia.  Google StreetView can only do so much to bring you somewhere you've never visited, and people don't get married by the roadside usually. So packing for a foreign location means you have to have enough to be 'sure'. You can bet I don't need the airport announcements to tell me to keep an eye on my luggage.

  • 3x 600ex-rt
  • 1x backup dslr body
  • 1x ef 70-200 f/4 L
  • 1x ef-s 10-22mm
  • 1x travel laptop for data storage only
  • 1x card reader
  • 3x backup batteries for each dslr body
  • 1x gopro hd hero
  • 4x various optical filters
  • 1x gorilla pod tripod 
  • 30x AA rechargable batteries
  • manfrotto super clamp + cold shoe
  • 4x battery chargers (for various batteries)
  • 1x Olympus Tough point and shoot camera
  • 1x iPod 16gb
  • 1x remote trigger
  • 1x intervalometer
  • 1x audio recorder
  • 2x tripod baseplates 
  • 1x bubble level
  • 8x Compact Flash cards for 54GB storage
  • 6x Secure Digital cards for 50GB storage
  • 30x leftover business cards
  • Photographed with main camera body and EF 24-105 f/4L lens 

All of what I pack here, is completely different than what I would for a trip of similar length photographing the outdoors, or whatever else. 

My way; pack what you use most comfortably first and what you are most likely to use in the circumstances you are planning for. You will have more time to focus on creating the photos and connecting with your subjects, rather than wasting time on aligning, re-familiarizing, checking, keeping-it-from-falling, and everything else to you have to do to for the gear you rarely use. 

Thanks for reading!

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